Fantastic Getting Ready Tips for your Boudoir Session

Are you ready to capture that perfect boudoir session? Boudoir photography is a beautiful way to document your life. Whether you are taking photos to empower yourself or as a gift for your partner, you’ll want to look and feel your best. Luckily, we have collected 8 fantastic getting ready photo tips for your boudoir session that will help you get the best results. 

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boudoir sessions

1. Choose a THEME

Will you be bold and brilliant or soft and feminine. Do you want to create old fashioned pin-up photos or go with a sleek, modern look. Maybe you want a totally different approach to your Boudoir Session with a comic book, sci-fi, or historical feel. Choosing a theme can help with the next steps….

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Check out this Fire Fighter Themed Boudoir Session here: Fire Fighter Boudoir Pictures

2. Choose the BEST Location

Location…location…location…you’ll hear it time and time again. The location sets the atmosphere and helps with your theme. For instance, if you want a milk bath boudoir session, no sense in scheduling your photos at a motel with a cramped tiny bathroom. You’ll want a claw foot tub and plenty of golden sun spilling in. We can help you with this if you don’t already have a location in mind. We tend to do these sessions at hotels, in studio, or at a private outdoor lot.

Boudoir Photo Session
boudoir sessions

3. Choose your WARDROBE

Lingerie is great, but you don’t have wear it if you don’t want to. A button down shirt, sports jersey, oversized sweater, or tight shirt and booty shorts are great alternatives. Or, like our Fire Fighter Boudoir Session, grab something a little more unique!!! And make sure to add props! Be sure to try on your outfit(s) prior to your session to ensure everything fits properly.

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4. Don’t forget the BLING-BLING

What’s bling-bling? Oh girl, you know….Make sure you think about jewelry, shoes, props, etc. Pack anything you need to get it ready for your session. For props, we suggest bringing personal items that are significant to your partner – sports gear, dog tags, lab coat, etc.

boudoir sessions

See how we mentioned props that are significant to your partner? That’s right. Not sure how? We’ve got some help for that: How to Include Your Partner’s Interests in Your Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photoshoot

5. Let’s GLAM it up

Now I don’t mean painting on bright red lipstick and a sequined tiarra here. Nope. We highly recommend using a professional makeup artist. If you need suggestions on who we like to work with, please contact us. A MUA will make sure that you look flawless and ready for your close up.

6. Let’s talk about EXPOSURE

We’ll start with, our company has standards of beauty and art. That means we strive for elegant and tasteful a boudoir session.So we NEVER take any full nudity photos. But, talk to us prior to the session to let us know what you are comfortable with and how exposed, or unexposed, you want to be during your session. Everyone has a different comfort level, and we like to be aware and informed of your expectations prior to your session so there are no awkward moments.

boudoir sessions
Boudoir Photoshoot

7. Pamper Yourself

We suggest getting a mani/pedi a few days prior to your boudoir session. If you wax, don’t forget to pencil that into your schedule, as well. If you want to have a base tan for your photos, we recommend beginning to tan a few weeks prior to your session to avoid burning – and remember to think about your outfit and avoid any tan lines that will look bad in photos. We suggest staying away from spray tans. Don’t forget to get your eyebrows shaped before your session.

A few days before your boudoir session, lower your salt intake to avoid bloating and also eat a light breakfast the morning of. Drink a lot of water leading up to your session for beautiful, healthy skin and get a good night’s rest the night before. Shave and moisturize for beautiful legs. Wear a clear deodorant. Don’t wear tight clothing, bras, panties, socks, etc. the morning of your session or driving to your session. These will leave red marks on your skin and we want you looking your best.

8. Take a deep breathe and RELAX

The best advice we can give before your boudoir session is to take a deep breathe in and relax. You’re in the hands of a pro who has learned the tips and tricks needed to pose you in the most flattering ways to make you feel comfortable. You’re going to do great and look fantastic!! Have fun!

Boudoir Pictures

In conclusion, boudoir pictures are meant to capture a special moment in time. They should not just be for you; including your partner in the photos can make them even more meaningful. If done right, it can be an incredibly intimate experience that both of you will remember and cherish forever. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses, props, and wardrobe choices. Take some risks – after all, it’s just for the two of you.

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