12 “Getting Ready” Wedding Photos Every Bride Must Take

12 “Getting Ready” Wedding Photos Every Bride Must Take

Congratulations on your wedding day! We know you’re juggling many responsibilities and coordinating with caterers and vendors to ensure everything comes out perfectly. We’re honored that you are considering Erie Photography on your special day. Our professional wedding photographers will be there to help you find the best spots for photos at your wedding venue, along with a variety of excellent and flattering poses for your wedding album. Here are our votes for 12 getting ready wedding photos every bride must take.

Dress Off!

Your wedding photographer will be sure to take plenty of photos of you in your wedding dress, but sometimes, your pose might not showcase the patterns correctly. If you love your dress, consider asking your wedding photographer to take a few quick pictures of your dress hanging up on its own or of you holding it before you put it on (especially if your dress is only rented, not bought). A standalone photo of your wedding dress can save your eyes some strain if you ever want to page back through the wedding album to recall some details about your dress.

Accessories Too

Have you got accessories for your wrists or hair? Consider having your Photographer arranging them on your dresser or a tray and take a picture of them, too. These cute but simple photos detailing exactly what jewelry you wore on your special day might end up being some of your favorites.


Doing your hair will take some time, but the results are always beautiful. Be sure to snap several photos of your hair being pulled, brushed, curled, or braided for a fabulous photo shoot that helps you feel just as relaxed and beautiful as you are! Hairdressing photos are always some of our favorite getting ready wedding photos.

Show off the Bridesmaids Getting Ready Too

Your wedding day may be all about you, but don’t forget to acknowledge the great friends who are behind you all the way! You aren’t the only one getting ready to dress up for a special day. Do your bridesmaids have coordinated “getting ready” outfits such as bathrobes or even pajamas? Don’t let those cute memories get forgotten in the busyness of the day! With advance planning, you can prepare fun props for all your bridesmaids to hold, such as coffee cups or some bridesmaids gifts you’ve picked out just for them.

Flower Power

Your bouquet is prepared just for you, and while your flowers may wilt, your photos of them are forever. Before the day’s heat can start to dry your bouquet up, take advantage of the morning to pose with your bouquet, standing and sitting for a variety of bride getting ready photos.

Puppy Pride

If you’re taking bridal photos and haven’t gone far from home, then ask your photographer in advance if it’s possible to take a few pictures with your beloved family pet. While you may not want to hold your furry friend while wearing a white wedding dress, capturing a shot of your perfect pooch looking fondly at you while you get ready for the day can make for a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Candid Shots

You can’t plan the perfect candid shot, and that’s part of the fun. But while you and your bridesmaids are hanging out together, ask your photographer to keep an eye out for good moments to take bridesmaids getting ready photos.

All in a Row

Once all of your bridesmaids are wearing their dresses, take plenty of photos of everyone lined up in a row. There are many ways to pose together, including:

  • The first moment your bridesmaids see you walk out in your dress
  • Bridesmaids arranged behind and in front of the bride
  • Bridesmaids hugging the bride
  • Bridesmaids helping the bride with the back of her dress, her shoes, or her accessories
  • Lying together in the grass or on a clean floor
  • Facing away from the camera, perhaps with arms behind each other’s backs (This is a great way to show off your wedding hairstyle!)
  • Jumping for joy

You’re sure to find some true favorites in this collection of bridesmaids getting ready photos!

Flower Girls

Thank your flower girls with photos that they’ll look back on fondly, perhaps even on their wedding days! A personal shot with each one of them will perfectly capture their cheerful innocence and will make an adorable photo for years to come.

With a Family Member

Your mom, dad, and siblings will be right there with you to enjoy this special day, and they’ll be ready to make just as many memories of this day as you are. Ask your photographer to take getting ready wedding photos with each of your parents and siblings individually, too (plus some family shots all together once you’re all dressed and prepared for the big day).

Mix Casual and Formal

Even if your wedding feels like a very serious occasion, don’t be afraid to take some shots of you looking loose and relaxed while you get ready for the day. Laugh, smile, and love the experience, whether you are taking photos of yourself getting ready on your own or with your best friends.

The reverse is true, too. If you’re having a blast on your wedding day, it may be difficult to reign your energy in. Give it a try anyway for a photoshoot of formal getting ready wedding photos. Once the rush of energy and nerves that you feel on your wedding day has passed, you will surely be glad to look back through your wedding album and find a mix of both casual and formal photos taken on your special day.

Putting on the Veil

The time to walk down the aisle is near. In these final moments, before you face your groom (whether tearful or somber), this is a getting ready wedding photo that you won’t want your photographer to miss.

Can’t wait for the big day to arrive? We can’t either! Erie Photography is full of professional wedding photographers who will be certain to make you feel comfortable even if you are juggling a million things to do. Sit back, relax, and smile wide. We’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today at (814) 246-2148 with any questions or special photo requests you may have.

Capturing Your Unique Wedding Portraits

Erie Wedding Photography is a full-service photography studio that offers the best in wedding photography and videography services.

We are a professional Erie wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience.

Our goal is to provide you with beautiful, high-quality images that capture your special day in the best way possible.

Contact us today for more information about our wedding photography services or to schedule a consultation!

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Photo Booth for Graduation Party

Photo Booth for Graduation Party

Photo Booth For Graduation

Renting a Photo Booth for Graduation is the best way to capture the fun and memories with your friends and family. 

Your Graduation is one of the biggest celebrations of your life. You worked hard and dedicated yourself to getting this far. So, you deserve to celebrate with everyone who was there with you. Most graduates look forward to their graduation party. Everyone expects a BBQ style outdoor party with good food and lots of laughs. But, not everyone expects the amazing fun a Photo Booth for Graduation can bring!

Not only does a Photo Booth create some fun moments, it captures those moments for you and perserves this once in a lifetime acheivement. You’ll have these moments to look back on forever with a Professional Photo Booth Rental. 

Photo Booth for Graduation
Photo Booth For Graduation
Photo Booth for Graduation

Real Booth or Cheap Knock Off?

I looked online for “Photo Booth for Graduation”. What I found was a bunch of articles on how to create a DIY Photo Booth. But, lets be honest. It’s not the same. Why stress yourself out trying to plan and buy everything you need when you can spend the same amount of money by calling a pro and save yourself the time and headache.

There are clear advantages to hiring a Professional Photo Booth Rental. First, the obvious reason: The professional does this every single week and they know what they are doing. They deal with all the hassle of creating your booth design, strip design, bringing professional equipment, set up, tear down, etc. It’s easy for you to just tell them what you want and sit back and say cheese. A DIY booth requires you to buy all the materials to make a backdrop and you have to haul it in and set it up yourself. You also have to purchase your own props and cameras. And after all that work and money you don’t even get a cool Photo Strip with your names and date on it. You get a regular old 4X6 photo of your guests that you hope Uncle Frank didn’t get his thumb in the way of while he was taking it with the disposable camera you left out for him to use. There’s no guarantee that any of your hard work will pay off.

Photo Booth for Graduation
Photo Booth for Graduation

Why Rent OUR Photo Booth for Graduation?

Picture if you will a Photo Booth for Graduation unlike any other. That’s right. Completely unique and customized exactly the way you want it. We offer everything from a choice of Prop Themes to Customized Print Templates.

Unique Prop Themes

What’s your angle? Are you a sci-fi nerd? In love with Great Gatsby? Do you chill at the beach every chance you get? There are good odds that we have a Prop Theme that will suit your tastes with everything from Beach Party USA to Camelot to Pirate Party. PLUS…we have a huge selection of Graduation Themed props that we add into the Themed Kit to really get down to business.

Customized Print Template

Every event ends up with some kind of “color” scheme. Weddings, proms, corporate events, even Christmas Parties have a color scheme. Usually, graduation parties are done in the color scheme of the school you graduated from. For me, it was Red & Black. I had red & black balloons, red icing on my cake, and red & black crepe paper ribbons. We will customize your Photo Print Template with your school colors (or party color scheme) AND any other details you want. We can do prints with caps and gowns, or something you were involved with in school like football, band, or a club! We’ll finish it up with a personalized message about your day.

Personalized Greeting Screen

Every good Photo Booth for Graduation will have a Greeting Screen. Ours is matched to your Prop Theme, Color Scheme, AND Persoalized Message. I just did a Graduation Ceremony for my local high school and I snuck a message in their for the students that they knew was from me. Seeing them smile when they read the end message was the best feeling ever. We’re able to do the same thing for you too!

Photo Booth for Graduation

Book Your Photo Booth For Graduation NOW!

Dates fill up really fast once the warm weather hits and everyone starts planning their parties. Grab your fully customized Photo Booth Rental today before it’s gone!! We’re waiting to talk with you about your celebration.

Cap & Gown Photos

Cap & Gown Pics

Erie Photo Booth is part of a larger company offering lots of amazing services like Cap & Gown Photos!! Spend a little time with a professional to capture your story for all time. You made it so far!

DJ for Graduation Party

Graduation DJ

Nothing goes better with a photo booth for graduation like a professional DJ to keep the music on all night long. Dance the night away one last time with your closest friends.

Videography for Graduation


If a Picture tells a story what does a video tell? An Epic Adventure….capture your Graduation Fun with a professional Videographer who will make you the star of your own film.

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Photo Booth for Graduation Party

What Is a Wedding Photo Booth?

Wedding Photo Booth

I’m sure by now you’ve heard someone talking about having been to a wedding with a photo booth. Or maybe you’ve been to a few weddings with Photo Booths yourself! Just what is a Wedding Photo Booth and why do you need one for your own reception? Wedding Photo Booths are the fastest growing trend in Wedding Entertainment for a good reason. First, they offer you the chance to capture in the moment memories with your guests that you’d miss otherwise. Secondly, they offer your guests some amazing entertainment at your wedding. (I mean, come on now, not everyone can stay on the dance floor all night. Everyone needs a breather here and there.) Finally, they make for some pretty awesome peronalized Wedding Favors. That’s right. You can skip the cheesy tiny bubble bottles with your initials on it. This is a Wedding Favor your guest will actually appreciate. 

But what exactly IS a Wedding Photo Booth? You’ve seen a ton of rental options in different price ranges and it can be confusing to sort them out. In fact, you might remember the boxy little novelty at the mall you squeezed into with a friend or 2 that printed out a grainy photo strip. Well, Photo Booths have come a long way, BABY!! Now they are mobile and offer a variety of print styles, templates, color options, and even camera options. Some booths are geared for social media sharing or even Instagram printing! How will you decide what booth is right for you? Of course, as a consumer the first thing you’ll think to ask about is price, but don’t let that be your deciding factor. You’ll need to choose a photo booth that suits your style and gives you the options that you are looking for. You’ll also need to know what makes a Photo Booth a REAL Booth and not just a cheap knock-off that will disappoint you. Let’s talk a little bit about the different styles of Photo Booth and what some of the most trusted wedding planning sites are predicting will be trending in 2021-22.

photo booth for weddings
Green Screen Photo Booth
Photo Booth Props

Real Booth or Cheap Knock Off? 

I think the first thing we need to talk about is a REAL Wedding Photo Booth versus a Knock Off. The first that comes to mind is a DIY Photo Booth. Everyone has a budget range and I am NOT bashing anyone for sticking with their budget, but it’s important when you’re deciding what to have to understand the vast difference between doing it yourself and a pro. 

There are clear advantages to hiring a Professional Photo Booth Rental. First, the obvious reason: The professional does this every single week and they know what they are doing. They deal with all the hassle of creating your booth design, strip design, bringing professional equipment, set up, tear down, etc. It’s easy for you to just tell them what you want and sit back and say cheese. A DIY booth requires you to buy all the materials to make a backdrop and you have to haul it in and set it up yourself. You also have to purchase your own props and cameras. And after all that work and money you don’t even get a cool Photo Strip with your names and date on it. You get a regular old 4X6 photo of your guests that you hope Uncle Frank didn’t get his thumb in the way of while he was taking it with the disposable camera you left out for him to use. There’s no guarantee that any of your hard work will pay off. 

Different ‘Styles’ of Wedding Photo Booths

Beyond the DIY Booth is a variety of different styles. Some I consider Knock-Offs because they don’t give you the full experience. Some, are just different experiences and it’s up to you to decide which experience suits you best. We’ll start with the booths that offer the least options or experience and move our way into the powerhouse booths. 

Photo Booth for Graduation Party

How Much Does a GREAT Wedding Videographer Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most important decisions a couple will make is choosing who will capture their big day on film. Wedding Videographer cost is certainly an investment, but it’s worth it to have a beautiful record of your wedding day that you can watch and share for years to come. Here are some tips for finding the right videographer and understanding the cost.

Wedding Videographer Cost
Wedding Videographer Cost

Figuring out what Wedding Videographers Cost

According to popular Wedding websites like Wedding Wire & The Knot, a Wedding Videographer cost ranges from $1,000-$2,500. But, I’ve seen videographers in the Erie, Pa area charge as little $700 and as much as $6,000. So, who do you trust and how much do you budget? It can be a very challenging area to make a decision. In addition, it’s a decision you need to make early on in your wedding planning. You’ll need to put aside money in your wedding budget. Also, you’ll need to check and make sure the pros you like are available. If you wait too long you won’t be able to find someone you can trust. 

What Goes into Wedding Videographer Cost? 

First, you might be wondering what goes into Wedding Videographer Cost? After all, it’s only a 6 hour day, right? So…so…so…wrong. Let’s break it down for you.

Wedding Videographer Cost

The Gear

The first thing that you need to consider is the gear or equipment a wedding videographer is offering you. Just like with everything else in life there are levels of quality. If a Wedding Videographer is quoting you below the local average cost, you can bet he’s using low quality or beginner gear. This means more chance for mistakes and missing key moments of your wedding day. These are moments you can’t get back, ever. In addition, wedding video coverage is more than just the visuals. It’s the audio too. A low cost videographer may not bring proper audio recording equipment with them. If they do bring some, they may not understand how to use it properly. This is important to know if listening to your vows is your dream. 

On the other side, a Wedding Videographer who is quoting you on the higher end, most likely has invested in higher quality gear. Some of these pros purchase equipment that is movie making quality. The visual and audio production will leave you feeling like a Hollywood star in your own feature film. 

The Experience

This is a core piece of the Wedding Videographer Cost puzzle that you can find out right away. Simply ask: How many years of experience do you have filming weddings? Add to that: How many weddings have you filmed? And then ask the very important question: How many weddings do you accept per year? Follow with: How many weddings do you film per day? 

You want to make sure you’re happy with all of these answers before hiring anyone. Just because $700 sounds like a good deal, doesn’t mean it is if they don’t have the experience to capture your wedding day and preserve the feelings. There is not right or wrong answer for how many weddings or how many years will make someone worth it, but they should be honest with you. And, if your budget is lower and they are honest and tell you they don’t have any experienvce and are learning, well at least they are honest and you know what to expect. 

An experienced pro is going to charge more because you’re paying for his real life learning. He’s been through it all. He’s had grandma stand in front of him with a cell phone blocking his view. He’s had to deal with all sorts of emergencies, lighting conditions, personalities, and things that would make you shudder. He’s used all of these moments to learn and grow. He’s well seasoned and worth your investment.

The Time

Finally, the time. This goes back to our orignal mis-conception of Wedding Videographer Cost. After all, it’s only 6 hours. Why does it cost so much?

Easy answer: It’s not just 6 hours. Let’s break it down here:

  • Pre-wedding time (meetings, emails, story boarding, etc.) 8-15 hours
  • Day before Wedding (checking, prepping and packing gear) 5-10 hours
  • Wedding Day (loading gear, travel, unloading, setting up, reviewing plans, shooting, reloading, travel, unloading) 10-15 hours
  • After Wedding Day (Sorting film clips, selecting clips, editing, syncing audio, syncing music selections, buffering) 30-60 hours

You can see that the hours invested by a professional range from 53-100. Now, imagine you’ve only set aside $700 for your wedding film. That breaks down to $7 an hour. That’s less than minimum wage. Do you trust someone who values their service as worth less than minimum wage to preserve your wedding day memories? I bet you had no idea that’s how much work goes into a 5-20 minute wedding film. It’s something most couples never consider. Wedding Videograher Cost directly shadows how much they feel they’re worth. 

Wedding Videographer Cost

So, What Does Erie Wedding Videography Cost?

After reading this you’re probably wondering how much our Wedding Videographer Costs? Our team prides itself on taking the time to get to know our clients so we can create a breath taking wedding film that perfectly highlights your day. Reach out for more information and to talk to our In House Wedding Coordinator.

Find out: Why You’ll NEVER Regret Investing in a Wedding Videographer!

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Ready to Book?

Now that you know a little more about what a Wedding Videographer does, how much they cost and why they charge what they do, are you ready to reserve your date? We’d love to talk with you about how our video team will work alongside you to create a Wedding Highlight Film that perfectly expresses who you are as a couple. We want to tell your love story to share with friends, family, and maybe someday your own children! Please reach out and set up a time to talk to us about how we can help you Create & Capture YOUR Unique Wedding Experience! 

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