5 Mistakes to Avoid for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Are you getting ready for your boudoir photo shoot? Exciting times! It’s natural to feel a little nervous, especially if this is your first time. But fear not! We are here to guide you on what NOT to do at your boudoir session so that you can make the most of it and have an amazing experience. Read on for our top tips on making sure your boudoir photo shoot is nothing but positive and empowering.

boudoir photo shoot

1. Bad Tan Lines/Sunburn

If you have not been tanning recently, don’t tan just before your session. You can get sunburn or really bad tan lines, which are not flattering in photos. Also avoid spray tans at all cost, as they tend to photograph poorly. 

2. Getting drunk at your Boudoir Photo Shoot

If you are nervous about your session, it’s OK to have a glass of wine to rest your nerves. That said, don’t get wasted before or during your session. This is one of the worst things you can do. Your eyes will be blood shot and droopy and it’s just a recipe for disaster. 

boudoir photo shoot

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Boudoir Photoshoot

3. Wearing the wrong sized clothing.

Choose lingerie that is just the right size for you. You don’t want loose lingerie that gives your body no shape or hides your beautiful curves. On the other hand, lingerie that is too tight can be unflattering during your boudoir photo shoot. 

Not sure what to wear during your Boudoir Photo Shoot? Check out this guide before you go shopping: What to Wear for your Boudoir Pictures

4. Loud, Heavy Makeup

We strongly recommend getting a makeup artist for your boudoir photo shoot. You don’t want to slather the makeup on too thickly. It’s more about accentuating your natural features and making you feel – and look – stunning.

Boudoir Photography Session
boudoir photo shoot

5. Forgetting to shave or wax

Always remember to shave or wax any exposed area that needs to looks smooth and sexy. The ‘au naturel’ look is so ‘70s. Unless you’re going for that vibe, please remember this tip. On the other hand, razor bumps are another thing you want to avoid in your photos. Be careful down there!

In conclusion,boudoir sessions are a great way to feel empowered, confident and beautiful. Taking the time to prepare beforehand will ensure you have an amazing experience! Make sure to wear something comfortable, that you love and that makes you feel confident. Try to relax and be yourself; don’t worry about posing or getting it “right”. And most importantly, remember to enjoy the moment! So go ahead, pamper yourself with a boudoir session – you deserve it!

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