How Much is a Maternity Photographer Near Me?

When asking how much a Maternity Photographer Near Me is, there are a few thing to consider. Every photographer is different and every area of the country is different. In larger city areas photography costs more just because the cost of living is higher. But in rural areas photography can be far less expensive…for the same reason. However, in a larger city environment you will have more photographers near me to select from, but in rural areas the selection will be more limited. So that can also slightly effect the cost. It’s the law of supply and demand. The best start to figuring out a reasonable cost is to begin with what the photographer offers and their experience level.

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Maternity Photographer  near me
Maternity Photographer near me

How Much Experience Does the Maternity Photographer Have?

The first thing to consider when looking for a maternity photographer near me is how much experience they have. A beginner photographer is going to offer entry level service, but they’re also going to be the cheapest. They won’t have the best photo gear or much experience posing an expecting mom. They also don’t offer much editing because they’re still learning. They may not edit at all. They typically have no previous experience to about 2-3 years of shoot time.

A more skilled maternity photographer will have better photo gear and understand how to shoot artistically. They will have more knowledge about lighting and posing to make you look better in your maternity portraits. They will, of course, cost a little more than a beginner because of the investment they have put in themselves and their camera equipment. They typically have 3-5 years experience capturing maternity images.

Finally, you will find very advanced and highly skilled photographers who have been working for decades as a photographer. They have done enough maternity photography sessions to have experienced it all. They will have invested in the best gear available and have full knowledge of how to use that equipment to get the best artistic quality images for you. They will also charge the most because they have invested so much into perfecting their craft. 

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Maternity Photography
Maternity Photographer
Maternity Photographers Near Me

What is the Maternity Photographer Near Me Offering in their pricing?

Funny enough, their seems to be a swing in what you get (physical prints, albums, or digitals) versus how much experience the photographer has. 

To begin, the amatuer who is just starting their career or is just doing it more as a hobbyist for fun is not as invested in protecting their artwork or being recognized for their craft. They are usually willing to just give away the full rights to their images in the form of digital files. I’ve heard stories of lower cost photographers literally taking the SD card out of the camera in front of the client transferring all the photos to a thumb drive and handing them over. RED FLAG: none of these images were editing and you may be getting really low quality work. But, they aren’t as invested in themselves and you paid up, so who cares?

Let’s go back to that middle ground maternity photographer near me. They’ve taken some time to invest in higher end camera gear. They’ve probably taken a few photography classes or shadowed a pro to gain experience. They’ve learned some useful editing techniques. They are a little more reserved and protective of their investment and reputation. Most will give you a portion of the digital files and maybe some prints. However, the digitals typically retain a studio logo as they are trying to build a career and need to prove their worth. They also usually research the average costs of doing business and try to earn a living so they’ll charge pretty fair rates. 

Lastly, is the most experienced professional maternity photographer. They have invested a lot of time and money into themselves and their career. Many won’t even consider offering digital images because they feel it cheapens their worth. In addtion, a large percentage of these higher end professionals operate a “Boutique Experience” Photography Studio. That means they charge separately for their session (think old time sitting) fee and the images. You will be charged for them to capture and edit your images, but you will have to buy anything you want after the fact. 

After you figure out how much this is all going to cost you need to know When Is the Best Time to Book Your Maternity Photography Session. And then, you’ll maybe want some help deciding where to have it. Check out our list of 5 Best Maternity Picture Location Ideas in Erie Pa.

Maternity Photography

So, what does a Maternity Photographer Near Me Cost then?

Now that you know the reasons why they set their prices and what is usually included let’s go over the fees you can expect to find for a Maternity Photographer near me in Erie, Pa. 

Beginner: ranges from $0-$150

Intermediate: ranges from $200-$400

Advanced: rangers from $450-$1,000

To sum everything up: a beginner will cost a lot less than an experienced professional, but will not offer higher quality work. And a maternity photographer in Erie Pa can cost you anywhere from $75-$1,000. It’s a large range. It’s best to know What to Ask a Maternity Photogapher Before Hiring. 

Ready to Talk to a Maternity Photographer near me?

Be bold and seize the moment! Don’t wait any longer – contact us today for an unforgettable Maternity Photography Session. We can’t wait to talk about your Birth Story.

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