10 Must Have Wedding Poses

Congratulations! You’re getting married!! You’ve booked a venue, selected your bridal party. Maybe you’ve even found that perfect dress.

Are you wondering how to choose a wedding photographer? A unique wedding photographer is definitely worth the investment. (Check out How Much Should You Pay For a Wedding Photographer.) Because, if you’re thinking about having the wedding party jump up with hands in the air, it’s time for a trend update.

The right wedding photographer for you will give good direction and know which shots will flatter you. It’s important to communicate with your photographer by suggesting some unique poses. This helps him/her get to know you as a couple, and see your style.

Keep reading to discover 10 MUST HAVE unique wedding poses for your big day.

wedding poses

The Dress

This makes the top of our Wedding Poses list. The bride’s dress is one of the biggest investment pieces of a wedding. Pics of your wedding gown are a must-have for your wedding album.

These photos will help your gown detail and maybe even bring you back to how it felt to slip it on. If you’re comfortable, you may want your photographer to take some shots of you getting into your dress.

This will also highlight your emotion before, during, and after you wear your dress on your wedding day. This is also a great way to feature your unique style in your wedding photos.

The Dress Shot is ideally taken during Bridal Portraits. What are Bridal Portraits? Find out here: What Are Bridal Portraits?

First Look/First Touch

These fun photos capture the Mrs. covering her Mr. ‘s eyes from behind. These unique wedding poses give a sweet glance at your playful nature as a couple. Alternatively, a First Look can be touching and emotional. 

These poses create a light-hearted look at your fun side while helping you loosen up as well.

Another newer version of this is the First Touch. Many couples hold hands, say a few words or even pray together before their ceremony. Some read love letters. It’s so sweet.

I’ve even had a few couples jump on the newest trend doing a first look with their bridal party or their pets!

See everything you need to know about Wedding Photography Style in our article. This will help you decide if a photographer is right for you. 

wedding poses
wedding poses

Really Put Your Heads Together

This is an up and coming Wedding Pose that we love! Couples laying down in opposite directions with their heads together creates a beautiful picture. This is especially meaningful for couples who enjoy the great outdoors.

A snuggled-up photo of the two of you outside provides a relaxed and serene background. These unique wedding poses create a mood of quiet intimacy.

Everyone’s favorite…the veil shot, is often a version of this fun and romantic of wedding poses. 

Check out this quick shot we got at Curtis & Amanda’s wedding day. We were in a rush to get to their reception and only had a moment to stop next to Gannon University. We made the most of it by creating a loving, tender moment. 

Forehead Kiss, Touch

A definite ‘Do Not Miss’ on the list of Wedding Poses. A delicate lean-in kiss from the groom to the bride will add unique character to your wedding photo album. You’ll be grateful for the quiet elegance provided by this portrait.

The forehead kiss photo is a sweet picture of a couple’s love. It provides a nice, gentle calm amidst an often chaotic day. The forehead kiss photo will allow you to slow down and share a delicate moment together. Just as sweet and emotional is the forehead touch. Leaning together envisioning what your new life together will be like….I’m not’re crying. Seriously??? WHERE ARE MY TISSUES?

See everything you need to know about Wedding Photography Style in our article. This will help you decide if a photographer is right for you. 

Wedding Poses
wedding poses

Bring Out the REAL You

Get into character! Who are you as a couple? Where do you like to be? Go there and plant a passionate kiss on each other! Wedding poses don’t have to be stiff or forced. 

If you’ve got a silly side, make goofy faces. Bring your personality (and maybe a few props!) into your wedding day photoshoot.

Adding your personal preferences to your wedding album gives it that one-of-a-kind touch nobody else will have. The unique Wedding Photographer  you’ve selected can help you find poses that express your character.

Ben & Bree were some of our liveliest couples of last season. Everything about their wedding day was perfectly who they are. And trust me on that. I had the most amazing time getting to know them. What a unique way to create a wedding album. 

Zoom Out…Way Out

Another idea on our list of Wedding Poses gets forgotten…a lot. You invest a lot in your venue, why not show it off in your photos? 

You’re going to have a lot of close-up pics on your wedding day. Try some unique wedding poses from far away. These are a great way to feature you and your awesome wedding scenery.

Ask your wedding photographer if there are any places you can go to capture that perfect church or outdoor scene for this effect. Your photog will help you find the places with the best light for these wedding pose ideas.

See everything you need to know about Wedding Photography Style in our article. This will help you decide if a photographer is right for you. 

wedding poses
wedding poses

Take a Walk

This is one of the wedding poses we like to save for the end of the night. It’s our favorite non-sparkler wrap up. This one works for couples and their families or wedding parties. This works for a group of almost any size. A picture of you with all your favorite people walking and laughing is an excellent addition to your wedding photo album!

Is it a breezy day? Let the end of your veil sail out a little bit and have some fun!

Walking photos are a great way to capture natural expressions from the bridal party and family. These will make great thank you card photos or canvases to hang on your wall.

Just a tip…when walking sashay a little in your dress to get it moving. The movement will look fabulous in your wedding collection. 

Zoom Out…Way Out

Parting is such sweet sorrow? Not really! You may be sad the party is over, but this is just the beginning of your life together. Pics of you in your awesome getaway car make for excellent last pages to wedding photo albums. They’re also great for holiday cards.

Did you score a convertible? Capture smooching with the top down from the behind and add a “Just Married” sign hanging off the back of the car. We got some nice shots of Zane & Jenna at the end of their wedding night with the Father of the Bride’s pride & joy. (Besides her, we mean.)

wedding poses
wedding poses

Sweet Silhouettes

These make great unique wedding poses. You can use an umbrella to show only your shadows.

With all the detailed wedding day photos you’ll have, shadows create a unique dimension to your collection of wedding pics. Silhouette photos provide artistic elegance as well.

The beauty created by your hair, face, and formal wear outlines will make you happy you selected this unique wedding pose.

I’m a little partial to silhouettes and have been known to take one every chance I get. Want proof? Check it out!

Rave on the Ring Shot

To wrap up our list of Amazing Wedding Poses is the ring shot!! 

Ring shots are one of my favorite poses to shoot because there are so many options. I like to take the wedding rings with the other wedding details like flowers and shoes. There’s also the behind the groom’s head where the bride is hugging his neck. Another idea is linked fingers with the ring in focus and the newlyweds blurred out. 

Whatever pose you like best for your rings, don’t leave this must-have wedding photo out of your gallery.

See everything you need to know about Wedding Photography Style in our article. This will help you decide if a photographer is right for you. 

wedding poses

Creating unique wedding poses should be a fun experience for you and your spouse-to-be. Your poses should show a variety of expressions, backgrounds, and reflect your personality as a couple. With some thought, creativity, and conversation with your photographer, you can find the perfect wedding poses for your big day.

Still trying to decide exactly what you want for your wedding photos? We at Erie Photography by Erie Wedding & Event Services would love to partner with you. Our professionals will listen to your preferences and get to know your unique style.

Ready to Strike a Pose?

We can’t wait to capture your Unique Love Story with your own Amazing Wedding Poses. Reach out and connect with us.

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