Best Places to Take Senior Pictures

Are you wondering where to take your Senior Pictures in Erie, Pa? We’ve got some pretty awesome ideas to get you started! But first, CONGRATS! Finishing high school is one of life’s biggest (and most rewarding) achievements. It’s what we adults like to call “A MILESTONE” in your life. You’re going to look back on this time in your life with joy. Trust me. I’m..well…I’m old enough to have my own kids that have graduated high school and I still look back on my senior year with a smile. Get ready with our How To Prepare For Your Senior Photo Tip list.

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Let’s Talk About Senior Pictures

Before we get into where to take your Senior Pictures we’re going to have to talk about WHAT Senior Pictures are. I’ll just be honest with you. My side hustle is working in a local high school. (And yeah, most of the students in this blog are fantastic kids I see everyday.) I noticed most juniors and seniors don’t quite get what a Professional Senior Portrait Session is. Let me clue you in. It’s not the cheesy photo your school makes you get in front of that ugly grey backdrop. I’m shuddering thinking about those. A Senior Photo Session is a private 1-2 hour long session at a location of YOUR choice, wearing clothes YOU picked out that captures who YOU really are.

Of course, your school will offer you the typical picture package where your entire class lines up in a hot auditorium or gym waiting in line forever. You’ll also get those advertisements from expensive portrait studios inviting you to come in and spend hundreds of dollars in their run of the mill scenery. But, you’re not limited to those options. Neither one of these options is really going to bring out YOUR unique personality.

Instead, you should go with a free lance pro who will travel to a location you’ve selected. A freelance photographer will work with you to create the experience you want to capture in your gallery. You’ll feel more comfortable and your photos will look more realistic when you have control over the shoot place. Our team is excited to share some of our favorite locations with you. We hope it helps you to pick the perfect spot. When you’re done looking them over, shoot us an email or call to set up your senior picture session!!

senior pictures

Where Do I Take My Senior Pictures?

And now that we’ve talked about what Senior Portraits are and how they are really different from what your school is offering you, let’s talk about some of the great places we’ve met up to take these photos. We’ll give you the skinny on really popular places and some you may have never thought of.

The Beach/Waterfront

Because we live right on one of the Great Lakes, the Beach/Waterfront is one of the most popular spots to take your senior photos in Erie, Pa. We’re lucky because we have more than one ideal spot for beach style photos. Along the coast in Erie County our beach experience runs from amazing cliffs overlooking the waterfront to long and winding paths on Presque Isle chocked full of wildlife and interesting buildings like Lighthouses. You can even take an urban twist on the waterfront photos by choosing Dobbins Landing or the East Pier, with a view of the Coast Guard Station in the background. The hardest part of taking your beach/waterfront photos will be selecting the spot that you love the most. If you’re feeling very adventurous consider taking your photographer ‘out to sea’ by sailing away into the bay or shooting at the historic Brig Niagara or pretend you’re a pirate aboard the Scallywag!!!

No matter which beach/waterfront location you choose, the vast open waterway makes a perfect backdrop to tell your story. The water represents the amazing & exciting future that lies in front of you. You’ll be embarking on the grandest adventure of your lifetime!

senior pictures

College Campus

If you’re sticking close to home  this would be a great place to take your Senior Pictures in Erie, PA!! Make your senior photos a fun announcement by touring your college campus. Taking pictures in the place you plan on spending most of the next 4 years can really help you out. And it’s a great way to tell your ongoing story to family and friends. Get comfortable with the benches you’ll be studying on. Visit the library (quietly) that you’ll be researching in. If you’re going to be playing sports, maybe visit the field you’ll be bonding with other players on.

The Erie area has at least 6 liberal arts college campuses and many other vocational schools to brag about. Even if you’re not going to attend one of the local colleges the campuses are still pretty amazing for photo opportunities. Mercyhurst Main & North East Campus have towering stone buildings. Gannon is located in bustling downtown Erie. Penn State Behrend has gorgeous nature trails. Edinboro Porreco Center has a hidden apple orchard and big red barns. A local college campus is definitely a must on this list.

Downtown/Urban Area

Where to take Senior Pictures can be fun if you meet up in the downtown or an urban area full of street signs, little shops, and lots of lights. We’ve all spent time wandering through our neighborhoods just hanging out so why not capture your photos in a location you spent a lot of time in? Downtown Erie has railroad underpasses, old staircases, street lights, graffiti, and cute coffee shops you can use as background props. 

Living in North East, PA we take a lot of photos for the local high school seniors. Our town is like many other small towns. We’ve got old brick buildings, store fronts, parks, and lots of hustle and bustle. All of these things help tell the story of who you are. The town you grew up in helped to shape you into the person you are now. You should celebrate your past as you embark on a thrilling new adventure.

So, if you’re from Girard, Harborcreek, Fairview, Wattsburg, or Green Township there are plenty of little places for you to take some fun senior photos in an urban setting. If you’re not sure where to start, think about what you did as a kid that excited you. Maybe visit the corner store and grab a bag of penny candy for your shoot. Your photographer will have some fun ideas as well.

senior pictures

Parks/Frontier Park

Frontier Park in Erie, Pa may be one of the most iconic places to take your Senior Pictures. How many of us visited the park as kids? Did you stroll down the path through the trees or swing like a monkey on the playground? Have you explored the creek with its huge willow trees? This park is full of trails, trees, wide open spaces and park benches. When I was a kid our Science and Gym classes would walk over to Frontier Park to explore during school time. 

Even if you didn’t grow up near Frontier Park, there are so many cute parks to take senior pictures in around Erie, Pa. We meet students from North East High School all the time in Heard Park. No matter where you are, there’s a sweet little park full of benches, swings, slides, and gorgeous green grass just waiting for you. 

When picking a park location make sure there aren’t any entrance fees to get in. No sense in paying extra for the scenery when there are so many free options in Erie County. If you need help deciding where to go, there’s a good chance your photographer can make some suggestions.

Erie Zoo/Museums

You may not have considered The Erie Zoo as an ideal spot for taking your Senior Photos in Erie, Pa, but really is there a more iconic place in Erie that better represents everything you loved as a child? Everyone got excited to take a trip to the zoo and visit with the monkeys, elephants, giraffes, and lions. Every visit was made special with popcorn and a slush puppy from the Concession Stand. You couldn’t wait to ride the train and check out the water buffalo. The children’s zoo was an area of mystery, excitement and thrill. Who didn’t love watching the adorable penguins waddle around with each other? 

The Erie Zoo is full of wonderful little spots to take your photos in if you’re feeling adventurous. The African Safari is by far the best spot in the zoo with its natural wood fences, grass roofs, and plenty of park benches. Hop aboard the train in the children’s zoo area or play on the musical pads like you did when you were 7! Those candid photos will really bring out your personality and be sure to make your parents and grandparents happy while making your friends giggle. Grab a cotton candy or popcorn and walk about the park to your favorite animal.

senior pictures

In conclusion,picking the perfect senior picture location is a breeze with our blog. Whether you’re looking for a natural outdoor setting, or an urban backdrop, our blog provides hundreds of options to choose from. With so many possibilities, the decision will be difficult to make! But no matter what you decide, your photos will be timeless and beautiful. So don’t wait any longer – let our blog help you find the perfect place for your senior pictures.

Ready to Talk to a Senior Photographer near me?

Once you consider what to wear, the location, the time of day to take the picture in, your pose, some times, and your photographer, you’re well only our way to taking a senior picture you’ll look at for years.

If you’re ready to schedule a great senior picture for you or a loved one, contact us today.

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