Amazing Way to Include your Partner in your Boudoir Pictures

Looking for a way to add a personal touch to your boudoir pictures? Showing off your love and appreciation for your partner doesn’t just have to be verbal, it can be done through creative and thoughtful photography. Whether it’s incorporating their hobbies, memories of special moments, or simply dressing up in their favorite color, there are many unique ways that boudoir pictures can be tailored to include the interests of your partner.

Boudoir Photography

1. The Jock or Sports Fan

This is a popular one. If your man loves sports, bring some sports gear with you. Football fans can wear a favorite jersey or bring the old pig skin with you! Does he love baseball? What’s sexier than a little umpire outfit and a bat? Maybe he’s a hockey fan and you’ve got a few pucks and a hockey stick laying around. Peak his interest by dressing up like his favorite sport.

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2. Incorporate his job or career in your boudoir pictures

If your guy loves his job, try to incorporate that in your boudoir pictures. If he’s in the military, think dog tags, uniform, etc. If he’s a doctor, try a nurse outfit or lab coat. If he’s a firefighter – borrow his helmet and boots. There are so many options here. Some careers are more difficult to incorporate creatively, but we can even make an office job work. You can totally rock the button down shirt, tie, and briefcase. 

Boudoir Photo Session

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Boudoir Photographer

3. What does he love about you?

Think about the things he loves – his favorite part of your body, traits you have that he adores. Maybe he loves your sassiness or playful personality, or how you are shy, sweet, etc. We’ll want to feature these attributes in your session. Does he love it when you walk around in his clothes? Bring some along for an added personal touch. My man loves when I’m working on the business, so a pair of glasses, a cell phone..and a briefcase would get his motor going. 😉

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4. How about a little cosplay?

You hear me right. Does your partner have a fantasy? Surprise him by dressing up for your boudoir pictures. If he’s a big Star Wars fan and always wanted you to wear a gold bikini like Princess Leia, now would be a good time to break out that costume for some sexy sci-fi photos. Or maybe he’s a huge comic book nerd. Think Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman. It’s all about having fun and feeling good!

Boudoir Photos

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Boudoir Photoshoot

5. Let’s think about those hobbies

What does he like to do for fun? Does he play guitar, read comic books, paint? Bring along items from his hobbies. Is he a country boy? Bring a cowboy hat and boots. Does he enjoy carpentry? Bring his construction hat and tool belt along. Can you just imagine wearing nothing but his guitar on your lap? I’m betting he’d love it.

In conclusion, boudoir pictures are meant to capture a special moment in time. They should not just be for you; including your partner in the photos can make them even more meaningful. If done right, it can be an incredibly intimate experience that both of you will remember and cherish forever. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses, props, and wardrobe choices. Take some risks – after all, it’s just for the two of you.

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