12 “Getting Ready” Wedding Photos Every Bride Must Take

Congratulations on your wedding day! We know you’re juggling many responsibilities and coordinating with caterers and vendors to ensure everything comes out perfectly. We’re honored that you are considering Erie Photography on your special day. Our professional wedding photographers will be there to help you find the best spots for photos at your wedding venue, along with a variety of excellent and flattering poses for your wedding album. Here are our votes for 12 getting ready wedding photos every bride must take.

Dress Off!

Your wedding photographer will be sure to take plenty of photos of you in your wedding dress, but sometimes, your pose might not showcase the patterns correctly. If you love your dress, consider asking your wedding photographer to take a few quick pictures of your dress hanging up on its own or of you holding it before you put it on (especially if your dress is only rented, not bought). A standalone photo of your wedding dress can save your eyes some strain if you ever want to page back through the wedding album to recall some details about your dress.

Accessories Too

Have you got accessories for your wrists or hair? Consider having your Photographer arranging them on your dresser or a tray and take a picture of them, too. These cute but simple photos detailing exactly what jewelry you wore on your special day might end up being some of your favorites.


Doing your hair will take some time, but the results are always beautiful. Be sure to snap several photos of your hair being pulled, brushed, curled, or braided for a fabulous photo shoot that helps you feel just as relaxed and beautiful as you are! Hairdressing photos are always some of our favorite getting ready wedding photos.

Show off the Bridesmaids Getting Ready Too

Your wedding day may be all about you, but don’t forget to acknowledge the great friends who are behind you all the way! You aren’t the only one getting ready to dress up for a special day. Do your bridesmaids have coordinated “getting ready” outfits such as bathrobes or even pajamas? Don’t let those cute memories get forgotten in the busyness of the day! With advance planning, you can prepare fun props for all your bridesmaids to hold, such as coffee cups or some bridesmaids gifts you’ve picked out just for them.

Flower Power

Your bouquet is prepared just for you, and while your flowers may wilt, your photos of them are forever. Before the day’s heat can start to dry your bouquet up, take advantage of the morning to pose with your bouquet, standing and sitting for a variety of bride getting ready photos.

Puppy Pride

If you’re taking bridal photos and haven’t gone far from home, then ask your photographer in advance if it’s possible to take a few pictures with your beloved family pet. While you may not want to hold your furry friend while wearing a white wedding dress, capturing a shot of your perfect pooch looking fondly at you while you get ready for the day can make for a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Candid Shots

You can’t plan the perfect candid shot, and that’s part of the fun. But while you and your bridesmaids are hanging out together, ask your photographer to keep an eye out for good moments to take bridesmaids getting ready photos.

All in a Row

Once all of your bridesmaids are wearing their dresses, take plenty of photos of everyone lined up in a row. There are many ways to pose together, including:

  • The first moment your bridesmaids see you walk out in your dress
  • Bridesmaids arranged behind and in front of the bride
  • Bridesmaids hugging the bride
  • Bridesmaids helping the bride with the back of her dress, her shoes, or her accessories
  • Lying together in the grass or on a clean floor
  • Facing away from the camera, perhaps with arms behind each other’s backs (This is a great way to show off your wedding hairstyle!)
  • Jumping for joy

You’re sure to find some true favorites in this collection of bridesmaids getting ready photos!

Flower Girls

Thank your flower girls with photos that they’ll look back on fondly, perhaps even on their wedding days! A personal shot with each one of them will perfectly capture their cheerful innocence and will make an adorable photo for years to come.

With a Family Member

Your mom, dad, and siblings will be right there with you to enjoy this special day, and they’ll be ready to make just as many memories of this day as you are. Ask your photographer to take getting ready wedding photos with each of your parents and siblings individually, too (plus some family shots all together once you’re all dressed and prepared for the big day).

Mix Casual and Formal

Even if your wedding feels like a very serious occasion, don’t be afraid to take some shots of you looking loose and relaxed while you get ready for the day. Laugh, smile, and love the experience, whether you are taking photos of yourself getting ready on your own or with your best friends.

The reverse is true, too. If you’re having a blast on your wedding day, it may be difficult to reign your energy in. Give it a try anyway for a photoshoot of formal getting ready wedding photos. Once the rush of energy and nerves that you feel on your wedding day has passed, you will surely be glad to look back through your wedding album and find a mix of both casual and formal photos taken on your special day.

Putting on the Veil

The time to walk down the aisle is near. In these final moments, before you face your groom (whether tearful or somber), this is a getting ready wedding photo that you won’t want your photographer to miss.

Can’t wait for the big day to arrive? We can’t either! Erie Photography is full of professional wedding photographers who will be certain to make you feel comfortable even if you are juggling a million things to do. Sit back, relax, and smile wide. We’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today at (814) 246-2148 with any questions or special photo requests you may have.

Capturing Your Unique Wedding Portraits

Erie Wedding Photography is a full-service photography studio that offers the best in wedding photography and videography services.

We are a professional Erie wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience.

Our goal is to provide you with beautiful, high-quality images that capture your special day in the best way possible.

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