The Complete Guide Winter Engagement Photos

When most people think of an engagement photoshoot, they think of sunny days with bright colors, fields of flowers, and happy couples beaming with joy. While those photos can still be taken during the winter months, the colder weather offers its own unique set of possibilities. If you’re planning on having winter engagement photos, here are a few tips to help make the most of it.


Where to Take Winter Engagement Photos

When you think about winter engagement photos, what comes to mind? Maybe visions of a cozy cabin nestled in a snowy forest, or a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through a wintry wonderland. If you’re looking to take your winter engagement photos to the next level, consider one of these ideas!

The very first place that comes to my mind for winter engagement photos is Peek’n Peak Resort. This is an obvious choice because it’s a popular ski lodge with lots of fun winter activities to check out. We’ve found the snow covered (and unused) golf course is a fantastic place to take some snuggled up photos. 

Another great option is your Wedding Venue! You heard me right. We met up with one couple during a blizzard in February on the grounds of their venue, Mound Grove, to capture winter engagement photos for their fall wedding. Side note: Get permission from the venue for this.

winter engagement photos

Props & Activities for Winter Engagement Photos

As we mentioned Peek’n Peak before you may already know where we’re heading with this. Planning ahead with your photographer, get to some winter activities! If you’re a skier, get on some skis and head down the slopes together. It’s a winter engagement photos session…no wait…it’s a fun date! If you’re not much of a skier you could build a snowman, make snow angels, or head inside for a cup of piping hot cocoa. Maybe warm up in front of a blazing fire for some romantic photos for your collection. 

One of our favorite winter engagement photo sessions was for one of our own photographers. We met at Peek’n Peak while it was decorated for Christmas and he serenaded her on the piano. Afterwards, we took a walk across the golf course near the pond. It was a very fun day. (That’s the cute couple above…actually.)

 Winter Engagement Pictures Outfit Ideas

It really should go without saying that if you’re taking photos in Erie…in the winter…that you know better to dress warm. A winter coat, a cute hat, mittens, and a scarf are appropriate. We just did a winter wedding out in the snow and while the bride took her coat off for the photos she was smartly wearing big winter boots under her gown. No one could tell because the snow hid them. 

For ladies make sure your makeup is crisp and clean and choose a hairstyle that won’t get ruined by a hat or the snow. You may want to stay away from white or neutrals if you’re taking outdoor photos so you don’t blend into the snow. I mean, unless you want to pretend you’re an arctic bunny. 

Gentleman, keep the same things in mind. Choose to style your hair in a way that you won’t be upset by hats or snow and stay away from whites and light neutral colors. This is the perfect time of year to break out those rich, vivid colors!

Need a little more help with outfits? Read up: Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

winter engagement photos

Use the Warmth of Golden Hour

Images are given a glow when taken during the golden hour, the hour just before sunset. It also instantly warms up the colors reflected on the snow. It’s hard to take warm photos in the winter scenery because everything is crisp and white with blue skies, but that brief time of day when the sun’s golden rays bounce across the landscape are just so magical. 

If you need inspiration for your winter engagement photos you can check out some of our favorites on our Erie Photography Pinterest account. And while you’re at it…follow us. We share other fun tips for your photo sessions. Get inspired! 

In conclusion, taking engagement photos during the winter can be a fun and unique experience. By following these tips, you can make sure that your photos turn out great. So get outside and enjoy the snow while capturing some beautiful memories!

Excited for Winter Engagement Photos Now?

We’re all bundled up and waiting to go! Let’s do this. We’ll create some magic together for your Winter Engagement Session! We know all the sweet spots.

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